London – Streamlined production, supported by modular plant structures, robotics and modern process controls, is key to the sustainability of the tire manufacturing industry going forward, according to Jari-Pekka Ylipaino, solution manager, Cimcorp.

“Instead of building full tire plant capacity at once, you can build new capacity – by adding production lines – in a modular, step-by-step fashion” Ylipaino explained in a Q&A ahead of next month’s Future Tire – Sustainability conference.

Ylipaino will focus on the role of automation in tire factories of the future in his presentation at the conference, being held 11-12 June in Cologne, Germany.

Automation and digitalisation have “a vital role” in improving the manufacturing process: paving the way to more sustainable tire manufacturing, the Cimcorp official emphasied.

And, by adopting lean manufacturing technology, the tire industry can focus on improving the ‘flow’ of work and eliminating waste, Ylipaino continued.

“In tire manufacturing, the result [of a lean process] is smaller production buffers and minimised waiting times, meaning 100% availability of all materials at every production machine,” he stated.

Trends such as Industry4.0, IIoT and artificial intelligence, will “certainly affect the tire industry,” concluded the expert, adding that tire manufacturers “should not miss this train.”

CropFuture-Tire-Logo-Low-Res-Square-web-349x346Jari-Pekka Ylipaino will present a paper on Automation for the sustainable tire factory of the future at the Future Tire Conference 2019, taking place 11-12 June in Cologne, Germany. Click here for more information about the conference.

Jari-Pekka Ylipaino

Jari-Pekka Ylipaino

Jari-Pekka Ylipaino, solution manager, Cimcorp.
Written by European Rubber Journal