Deoleo, the world’s leading olive oil producer with brands such as Bertolli, leads the way with quality and transparency-focused sourcing.


Deoleo reaches milestone agreements with leading suppliers of super intensive groves to protect biodiversity, with the inclusion that no harvesting is conducted at night.
Proposed creation of “islands of biodiversity” areas with aromatic plants that attract insects, water dispensers for small animals and birds, and insect nests and bee hives.
Promote fruit harvesting during the early morning to protect biodiversity.
DALLAS, May 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Extra virgin olive oil is a staple in kitchens across America, but with so many choices flooding supermarket shelves it’s difficult for consumers to discern which products are both the highest quality and ethically sourced. So Deoleo, the parent company of Bertolli® Extra Virgin Olive Oil — the world’s first olive oil exporter and top selling brand globally — is ushering in a new sustainable generation of olive oil sourcing.

Recent media reports shining a light on practices by some producers during olive oil harvest seasons explain why nocturnal songbirds are killed during olive harvests conducted at night.

“Sustainability, more importantly respect for nature and delicate ecosystems, are the driving forces behind Deoleo’s sustainability strategy,” said Miguel de Jaime, CEO North America and Global Chief Commercial Officer. “For example, our partner Olivomundo has done incredible work in protecting and nurturing local species, starting with as few as 30 varieties and growing to over 200 individual species. This demonstrates that by maintaining meticulous standards, positive eco-friendly changes can be made.”

Mr. Jose Gonçalvez, of Olivomundo from Portugal, is a leading supplier of super intensive olive varieties and confirms they do not harvest at night, which is aligned with Deoleo’s strict sustainability protocols. The work we have done to date demonstrates the impact that can be made in protecting species and delicate ecosystems.

Deoleo sources only from olive groves that are a flourishing source of life and biodiversity. To bring this vision to life, the company has developed strategies and procedures in partnership with olive oil suppliers, like Olivomundo, to protect biodiversity at their locations.

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About Bertolli

Bertolli is one of the world’s most popular olive oils. At the core of the Bertolli brand is a firm commitment to quality, to the use of natural ingredients and to the tradition of creating excellent and tasty food.


Deoleo is the world’s leading olive oil producer, present in over 60 countries on the five continents. It has factories in Spain and Italy. Deoleo has award winning brands, such as Bertolli, Carapelli and Carbonell.